Equipment/Software: Autodesk/Leonar3do

Problem: How do I import .STL files from Leonar3do to Autodesk?

Solution: Leonar3do exports in the formats : .obj, .stl, .3ds, .leo.  There are a few ways to convert .STL and .OBJ and .3DS files to Autodesk.  One simple solution is here:

You may need to register with the forum, which will be useful to you anways.

Solution source:


Name: James Sham

Date: Aug. 30/2013


Leonar3Do Manuals

I’ll annotate these as soon as I get a moment to look through them:

quick description of interface.

documentation for installing hardware.

Leonar3Do passive

LeoGomoku Readme
video game that comes with system.

LeoBrush Readme
simple paintbox app.

LeoCapture User Guide
documentation for a utility app that creates video simulation of modeling process.

LeoBang Readme
video game that comes with system.

this looks promising – documentation for an app that can create simple interactivity to models.

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