General Materials List for Laser Cutter

This is a general list I distributed to the Digital Forms class this semester to give them an idea of what could be used in the Fab Lab with the laser cutter. If you have any questions about these materials or additional options feel free to talk to James or Justin.

We have been cutting Masonite and paper based products easily. Some linoleum has been cut as well but it worked best with thinner pieces. ┬áDepending on the density of certain materials it might be best to either keep the stock thinner or just engrave. – Justin


James H. adds:

Here’s a PDF of what the fume extractor can handle: BOFA Carbon Filter Reference.

So for example, PVC is definitely NOT allowed on the laser because it emits chlorine; the fume extractor filters can’t handle chlorine, and according to Universal, it also damages the laser.)

When in doubt about a material,

  1. find the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet), see what kinds of chemicals it emits,
  2. check against the fume extractor reference above: can the filters extract the emitted chemicals?
  3. check the Universal Laser website – it has a materials library. Search it to see if your material is listed, and if so, see what it recommends,
  5. if in doubt, DON’T.

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