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Doing a little research on file conversions…

Quick google search revealed this page which has a fairly recently updated list of 3d model file format conversion tools, with annotations.

What looked to me to be the most promising tool is MESHLAB…

What interested me most was the ability to both import and export models in numerous formats, including PLY, STL, OFF, OBJ, 3DS, COLLADA, VRML, DXF, GTS, plus several others. I tested the conversion fidelity with DAE and 3DS and found them satisfactory.

MESHLAB is open source [free for you]. I’ll test as time allows… or you guys can try it out and report back to the class.

Export 123dCatch app Online Scan to Leonardo

1. Use 123dcatch app on phone or ipad device to create a scan.

2. Go to Log in with you 123dcatch login. Once logged in, drag the mouse over your name in the upper right and select Models and Projects. (This option will only allow you to open the wireframe version of your scan. To get the color 3D scan, use the 123dCatch shortcut on your desktop. Choose your scan. Go to File:Export Capture As..and then select .OBJ

3. Select the scan you would like to use. Save/Download the file using the Fabrication (.STL or .OBJ) option.

4. Save your new file in a place you will remember.

5. Now open Leonardo. Go to Menu:File:Import. Select your .STL or .OBJ file to be opened.

6. You will now see your scan on the Leonardo platform!

LEOtoAUTOCAD – Convert STL file to AutoCAD DWG format

1. First of all you must save your Leo file as a .STL

2. This website allows you to convert files but you must create a login and activate your account before you can convert.

3. On, Browse your .STL file, make sure target format is selected as DXF and now you are ready to convert.

4. Now open Autocad. There is more than one way to open/import a file, but for this type of file we will use the OPEN option.

5. Search for your newly saved .DXF file and if all goes as planned you will now see your Leo file on your new Autocad project.


Equipment/Software: Autodesk/Leonar3do

Problem: How do I import .STL files from Leonar3do to Autodesk?

Solution: Leonar3do exports in the formats : .obj, .stl, .3ds, .leo.  There are a few ways to convert .STL and .OBJ and .3DS files to Autodesk.  One simple solution is here:

You may need to register with the forum, which will be useful to you anways.

Solution source:


Name: James Sham

Date: Aug. 30/2013